Things We Love About Grimes

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  • The minivan lineup at schools at 2:45 to pickup kids with people talking about life
  • The full auditoriums, gyms and stadiums for school events
  • Regular get-togethers on weekdays and weekends in parks to watch our kids play baseball, soccer and more.
  • The amazing Grimes Community Center and all the fun that happens there!
  • Lions Club Breakfasts during Governors Days and other times.
  • Active Cub/Boy Scouts and Girl Scout Troops

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  • Local Places to talk with a friend – the people at the banks, our post office staff, the local businesses.
  • Methodist Church Corn Feed
  • Where we areā€¦. Just outside of Des Moines enough to have a personality of our own but have access to everything the metro offers.
  • Governor’s Days Parade
  • Fourth of July Fireworks
  • Main Street and the Governors District

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  • Our city staff always wanting to make things better
  • Our churches in Grimes that care for everyone
  • Our beautiful parks – especially Lions Park down the street from our home.
  • Our connection with Dallas Center and our amazing school district we share
  • Fire Department Pancake Breakfasts
  • Old School Arcade on Main Street
  • Christmas Celebration, Easter Egg Hunt by the Kiwanis

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